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Is this baseball authentically signed?

sports autograph authentication

This baseball is not authentically signed.

Have you bought an autograph item on an Internet auction site?
Have you bought any autographs that had COA's from questionable sources?

Sports autograph authentication

is my specialty.

Our Authenticators Credentials:

  • Commended during an undercover "test" done by HBO TV show "Real Sports". Seven authenticators were tested by the TV show (we were not aware of the test) and only two authenticators passed with flying colors. I was one of the two. One forensic authenticator was 0-7, his business partner was 0-5.
  • Consultant and/or autograph authenticator for numerous auction houses, Nassau County District Attorney in New York State and the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • We have made a court appearancea as an expert witness in prosecution of sports autograph forgers.
  • Extensive file of exemplar signatures.
  • 21 years experience as an autograph dealer and authenticator for Richard Simon.
      Major auction companies and major governmental agencies have put their faith in me. You should too if you have questions about autographs.
    • Other Information:

      AFTER EXAMINING your item, we scan it, and save it with an ID number matching the COA number. We also scan and save items we do not think are authentic. WE DO NOT place any labels, marks or writing on your valuable items.

      Your items will be returned by UPS or Fed Ex. The shipping charge will be quoted upon inquiry.

      Do the wise thing, send us your items for authentication now!


      Remember When We Authenticate:

      • Items are returned to you in the same condition as we received them (no sealing of your items, no writing, no labels, no marks, NOTHING is placed on your valuable items).
      • Items are scanned and always available for comparison if you sell your item.
      • You receive a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, with a picture of the item, and our seal, if the item is deemed to be authentic.
      • Our turnaround time is the fastest in the industry. No long unexplained delays in receiving your items back.
      • Ebay has new rules about certificates of authenticity. You MUST post in your ebay ad where your COA has come from. Our COA is accepted by ebay and by all intelligent collectors, dealers and auction houses. Many COA's are no longer accepted by ebay.
      • You receive a letter of explanation if we cannot state that the item is authentic.
      • And we are very reasonably priced, most items are $35-$75. COMPARE AND SAVE.

      Click here to e mail me about what you need to have authenticated. I will get back to you with my fees and full information.

      Ruth, Gehrig, Mathewson, Cobb and rare Hall of Famers - $75
      Any item with both Ruth and Gehrig - $125
      All other individually signed items - $20-$75
      Mantle, Ted Williams, DiMaggio, Maris - $60 each
      (there is a lower price for two or more of these type of autographs on one item. For example a Mantle-Maris signed item is $90).
      Brooklyn Dodger or New York Yankee team signed baseballs (a ball with Ruth or Gehrig or Mantle)- $125
      A Yankee team signed ball with Ruth and Gehrig - $150

      Richard Simon
      215 East 80th Street
      New York, NY 10021
      646 319 7531
      212 288 1445 fax


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