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REMEMBER - I am a buyer of celebrity autographs.  If you have one item or an entire collection, please contact me by clicking the link on the navigation bar on the left and writing to me. I am looking to buy photographs, old autograph books, contracts, checks and most anything signed by a celebrity. Vintage only. High prices paid for quality celebrity autographs. Please contact me if you are a seller

Celebrity Autographs

Celebrity autographs have always had a great appeal for  autograph collectors. The actors and actresses who adorned the silver screen always had great appeal for collectors. The entertainers who thrilled us with their music are a very popular category of autograph collecting. These autographs can often be found in old time autograph books, which were used to chase celebrities for their autographs. I am always happy to acquire one of these books, knowing that authenticity is virtually assured. Try to buy only from established autograph dealers. Autograph dealers who are dealer members of a professional autograph organization.

Autographed photographs are especially desirable for celebrity autograph collectors. Many fan mail requests were signed by secretaries and some were pre-printed by the movie studio. That means that the celebrity autograph would be reproduced on the photograph and sent out to fans. While the photos are of high quality, the true autograph collector does not collect them. Novices mistakenly believe that they have an authentic item.

Letters, contracts and checks are highly desirable items for celebrity autograph collectors. Hand written letters are especially desirable. Interesting content in the letter will only increase its value.

USE EXTREME CAUTION if you buy autographs of current stars on Internet auction sites. The FBI has stated that the greatest problem in the autograph area now, is current celebrities. Up to 90% of the autographs of current celebrities are bogus. The forgers are using the Internet to peddle these worthless celebrity autographs to unsuspecting collectors. A photo of the collector with the celebrity getting an autograph is no guarantee of authenticity. 

BE VERY CAREFUL on Internet auction sites. High levels of feedback ARE NO ASSURANCE that you are getting an authentic celebrity autograph. I will be happy to try and get something done, if you see bogus autographs on auction sites. Please send me an e mail if you see something that looks bad.

To read more about celebrity autographs click this link to visit a great Autograph Blog.

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celebrity autographs

movie star autographs



Celebrity Autographs

Celebrity Autographs on Photographs and Documents and Prime Autograph Items

(p) means personalized. Click the images page on the navigation bar to view pictures of many of these items.
  • Don Ameche - 8x10 matte finish photo (p) $80
  • Eve Arden - 8x10 with 7 line inscription and sig. $50
  • Robert Armstrong - (star of King Kong) - 4 line personalized note, glued to autograph album page. $75 (Irene Dunne on reverse)
  • Remember I am buying celebrity autographs.
  • Mary Astor - 8x10 glossy movie still photo, dated 1976. $125
  • Gene Autry - 8x10 in cowboy gear sitting on a horse (p) (1/4" missing in top right border) $110
  • John Barrymore - page from an autograph album, signed in the 1930's. $150
  • Warner Baxter - (original Cisco Kid) 8x10 matte finish photo (p) $175
  • William Bendix - wallet size photo. $90
  • Bruce Bennett (Tarzan) - handwritten 7 line note on personal stationery. $50
  • Scott Brady - movie still, personalized and inscribed. Light crease in lower right corner. $100
  • George Burns - 8x10 $50
  • George Burns and Art Carney - movie still from Going In Style $125
  • Art Carney and Joyce Randolph - (Honeymooners scene) $90
  • Jack Carson - 8x10 portrait publicity photograph from Warner Bros. Few light wrinkles. $75
  • Perry Como - 8x10 photograph $60
  • Joan Crawford - beautiful 8x10 matte finish portrait, personalized $275
  • Bing Crosby - signed endorsement contract (advertising release) for Crosby with Schwinn. I have four different contracts, two of which are signed twice (on two different pages).$195 (The double signed contract second page is for Bing Crosby giving his parental consent for his son's to endorse Schwinn).
    There is also a statement of endorsement, on blank stationery, from Bing Crosby and sons, signed by Bing Crosby only. $100
  • Ann Dvorak - beautiful 8x10 portrait photograph, personalized. Light vertical crease from top to bottom of pic. $75
  • Dale Evans - 8x10 photograph $40
  • Douglas Fairbanks Jr - 8x10 photograph $60
  • Alice Faye - 8x10 matte finish photo. (p) $100
  • John Garfield - 4x5 photograph $325
  • Huntz Hall - 8x10 $50
  • Richard Hart - 5x7 matte finish photo, personalized. $50
  • June Haver - 8x10 photograph $50
  • Olivia de Havilland - typed letter signed. $50
  • Paul Henried - 8x10 photograph $50
  • Katharine Hepburn - short typed letter on personal stationery. $125
  • Bob Hope - page from an autograph album, signed in the 1930's. (p) $75
  • Bob Hope - his book "Dear Prez, I Wanna Tell Ya!" A presidential jokebook. Paperbook,signed on inside front cover. $85
  • Walter Huston - 8x10 portrait photograph, personalized, a few very light creases. $75
  • Al Jolson - portrait 8x10 photo, personalized, light border stain. $125
  • Alan Ladd - wallet size photo of him and his family, signed by him To Pat, Sincerely, The Ladds, family in Western gear. $65
  • Burt Lancaster - 4 different movie stills. $250 each
  • Peter Lawford - 4x5 photograph $350
  • Jack Lemmon - typed letter signed. $50
  • Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet - movie still (not Casablanca), Greenstreet's signature is light in the "street" portion, but it is readable. $400
  • Steve Martin - 8x10 photograph $50
  • Victor Mature - 8x10 photograph $75
  • Marie McDonald - movie still (1945) personalized and beautifully inscribed. Light creasing in photo. $100
  • Audrey Meadows - 8x10 $65
  • Jose Mojica (Mexican opera and film star, very rare sig) (p) (superb 11x14 matte finish photo, small tear at top not affecting sig) $350
  • Clayton Moore - The Lone Ranger 8x10 photograph $60
  • Audie Murphy - portrait photograph in uniform with chest full of medals. Light wrinkling. $450
  • Lloyd Nolan - movie still from Gangs of Chicago. Slight red ink mark above his sig. $50
  • Pat O'Brien - 5x7 sepia tone studio portrait. $65
  • Pat O'Brien - movie still from Perilous HOliday $50
  • Carroll O'Connor - 8x10 photograph $50
  • Larry Parks - 3x5 signed magazine picture, glued to album page. $75
  • Vincent Price - 8x10 (p) $50
  • Richard Rodgers - 8x10 portrait photo. Inscribed and personalized. Very slight ink blot on R in Richard. $200
  • Roy Rogers - 8x10 glossy photo. $100
  • Jane Russell - 5x7 matte finish photo, light creases. $75
  • James Stewart - 8x10 glossy photo. $150
  • James Stewart and Richard widmark - 11x14 movie theatre lobby card from Two Rode Together. Sligth wrinkling and small stain. $200
  • Slim Summerville - 8x10 photo matte finish. (Keystone Cops) (p) $150
  • Gloria Swanson - 5x7 stunning photograph of a young Swanson, outstanding vintage signature. Swanson was the infamous lover of Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK. $175
  • Gloria Swanson - 8x10 glossy, personalized, dated 1974. $150
  • Gloria Swanson - signature on a card, photo of her attached to card. $50
  • Elizabeth Taylor - 4x5 glossy photo, small part of sig. goes into darker part of pic.$200
  • Shirley Temple - 8x10 matte finish photo, signed as a child star. (p) $350
  • Lana Turner - 8x10 photograph $125
  • Hank Williams - Grand Ole Opry Program in Good condition. There is a tear on the right side of the program (small part missing on each page, but pics and signatures intact) and the program is complete. This is a fantastic item, from the days when the Grand Ole Opry came from WSM radio in Nashville, Tennessee. This program is signed on the inside blank front cover by Hank Williams (Best Wishes Hank Williams) and several other WSM personalities. Hank Williams autograph is the most desirable for country music collectors and is very rare. This eight page program is in nice shape, nice pictures including a full page of Hank Williams and multiple pictures of Hank Williams. This is a superb one of a kind item. $1300


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