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Sports Autographs, Baseball Autographs, Celebrity Autographs

Welcome to my Sports Autographs and Celebrity Autographs website. I am buying quality autographs and famous signatures. I specialize in vintage baseball autographs, sports autographs, celebrity autographs and Hollywood autographs. Please keep me in mind when you have items to sell. I want to buy Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente, Thurman Munson, Tris Speaker, Ty Cobb, Jim Thorpe, Jack Johnson, Rocky Marciano, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and many other autographs.
Do you have autographs to sell? Then look at the navigation bar on the left and click the page to contact me about your autographs. I am buying quality items. Please contact me if you have something to sell. I will make you a fair and prompt offer. Whether you have one item or an entire collection, please contact me. I will want to see a copy of what you are selling.
Are you a collector? Check out the sale pages on the navigation bar on the left. And don't forget to sign up for my mailing list. The mailing list will keep you up to date on my sale inventory. I sell many famous signatures and all items are guaranteed authentic for life. You will also receive notifications of special sales, only for members of my mailing list.
I have been in the autograph business since 1984, and I continuously have provided my customers with quality autographs and personal service. You can order from me right on this website. Many items are available for sale in sports autographs, baseball autographs and celebrity autographs. Look around this site.
I am always looking to buy quality items from deceased sports figures and deceased celebrities. If you have famous signatures for sale, please click the red link and write to me:

I am especially interested in buying sports autographs, baseball, boxing, football and celebrity autographs. I only buy vintage items. I would love to buy your quality items. I will need to see a picture of what you have if you are a serious autograph seller.


Lucy Autographed Photograph
celebrity autographs

We are constantly updating our website with sports autographs, baseball autographs, and celebrity autographs. We hope that you'll find something in our catalog that you will like for your collection.
Authenticity is our primary concern. All autographs are sold with our own COA and a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

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You will be notified of all new autograph items I get for sale, and you will receive e mails with special sales and offers, only available to subscribers. You will also receive news about the autograph hobby. Your e mail address is not shared or sold.

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Autograph collecting has its own unique way of categorizing various items. You will see these abbreviations and terms appear in dealer catalogs.

  • AP - album page. A page from an autograph album with a signature of a famous person.
  • FDC - A first day cover (first day of issue of a stamp). When used in the autograph hobby, the cover (envelope) would have a signature on it.
  • COA - Certificate of Authenticity. The value of this, when accompanying an autograph, is determined by the person or entity that has issued the COA. Beware of COA's that do not have an address or phone number of the issuer.
  • LOA - Letter of Authenticity. This term is interchangeable with COA.
  • DS - Document signed. This means a document (letter, contract, etc) that is typed or written by someone else, but signed by the writer.
  • LS - Letter signed. A letter written by someone else (secretary, relative, etc) , but signed by the writer.
  • ALS - Autograph letter signed. This is a letter entirely in the handwriting of the writer.
  • TLS - Typed letter signed by the writer. 
  • SP - Signed photograph. The photo can be 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, etc.
  • Cut - A signature on paper or card, cut from a larger piece.
  • 3x5 - An index card containing an autograph.
  • GPC - Government post card containing a signature and usually a postmark on the address part of the postcard. A GPC helps the collector to determine the date that the item was signed. Be careful, forgers will often buy gpc's and sign the back of them. If you are offered a gpc that does not have a postmark, be extremely cautious.

We accept the following credit cards through Paypal:

movie star autographs

REMEMBER - I am buying autographs. If you have one item or a collection, please contact me, by clicking the red link. I don't buy autographs of living people. I am a buyer of quality vintage items.


Babe Ruth Autographed Photograph
baseball autographs

Charles Gehringer Autographed Baseball
sports autographs

James Stewart Autographed Photograph
celebrity autographs

Pee Wee Reese autographed photo
baseball autographs

1919 New York Giants team signed ball
baseball autographs

Ty Cobb signed baseball
sports autographs

John Wayne autographed photograph
celebrity autographs

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